Traces of Pneuma

Sale price$4,800.00


Acrylic on Canvas
Please note the diamond orientation measures about 42.5” from corner to corner height and width

From the artist: The original painting Traces of Pneuma is based on a photograph I took around 2004 near Arcata, CA. The term “pneuma” is defined as “the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person”. Its literal translation from Greek is “that which is breathed or blown”. This is represented by the transparent tubes or pathways I have painted. The way I have arranged them not only represents the “traces of our pneuma” but also the way in which everything we do has an endless effect on other people and the rest of the world - no matter how big or small, direct or indirect. In the same way, we are also affected by every small or significant experience we have. I see this as like an endless web of invisible connections and communications through time and space.

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