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Welcome Friends! Thank you for checking out Two Selves Gallery. We are an online, contemporary, fine art gallery featuring work by established and emerging artists from across the globe. We are also art lovers and collectors. We are thrilled to celebrate artists we've all long loved and introduce you to new artists with varying perspectives and style. Our love of art is what prompted us to create this gallery - it is a way for us to celebrate and collect the brilliant work of artists we love, and to help our friends bring color and perspective to their lives and surroundings. 

The artists we work with share these values and are dedicated to getting their pieces into the hands of those who appreciate and support their work. So, welcome friends and family, art lovers and collectors! We are thrilled that you found your way here and we hope you like what you see. Much love

Shang Chengxiang

Shang Chengxiang is a self-made artist based in Shengyang, China who paints fantastical, surreal, psychadelic, and awe inspiring works of art that not only offer vibrant color palates and supreme detail, but instill thought-provoking messages that encourages viewers to explore their own selves. 

Shang's Gallery Page


Ryo Ogawa, or RoamCouch, is an extremely talented and versatile street stencil artist and painter who produces expansive and detailed murals as well as original pieces in his studio using his native country's traditional handmade paper, "Hans Mino Washi."

RoamCouch's Gallery Page

Regan Russell

Regan Russell is a San Diego native and artist who believes there is beauty in absurdity, and creates art that questions and humorously jabs at pop culture, identity, and celebrity. 

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ABC, or Antony Collings, is an accomplished street muralist and graffiti artist from the South East of England, whose bold and expressive color palette and abstract free flowing art style draws in the viewer and infuses energy and vibrance into any space.

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Indie Matharu

Indie Matharu, a photo-realistic artist based in the UK, is attracted to the pencil’s myriad tones and its ability to convey a multitude of emotions depending on how it is used. Indie challenges boundaries and tells stories that communicate the inner emotions of her subjects by creating energy in stillness.

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Mike Milota

Mike Milota is an Aspen, Colorado-based artist who creates "Quantummola" by fusing his artistic concepts with an old Panamanian design technique called "mola,” whereby he combines and systematically deconstructs multiple layers of material to reveal complex geometric designs, landscapes, and abstract images.

Mike's Gallery Page

Yasuyuka Ueda

Yasuyuka Ueda is a highly decorated and globally exhibited Japanese multi-media abstract artist whose hyper-detailed pieces are mind-blowingly intricate and steeped in psychedelia and surrealism.

Yasuyuka's Gallery Page

97 Ghosts

97 Ghosts was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing back hand-pulled screen printed art. Based in the greater Cincinnati area, 97 Ghosts prides itself on doing everything in-house to create experimental and unconventional pieces designed to cast the familiar in a different light. Wayne’s designs incorporate the psychedelic into the modern, and he achieves unique depth with purposeful repetition of lines and color.

Ghosts' Gallery Page