• Self Direction No. 5 Oil Painting

Welcome to Two Selves Gallery!

Welcome Friends! Thanks for coming. We are Two Selves Gallery. On our surface we are an online contemporary fine art gallery featuring artistic works by established and emerging artists from across the globe. At the same time, we are the dreamer, the creative force, and the avid collector present in all of us. We are the two selves that want to make amazing art accessible for our friends, as well as bring recognition and attention to artists we believe in. We want this for ourselves too, because at our core, we are collectors first. That is why we created this gallery - to celebrate and collect artists we love, and to help our friends bring color and perspective to their lives and surroundings. 

Many of our artists share these values and are dedicated to getting their artwork into the hands of appreciators and supporters of their work. Our current roster of artists is growing by the day, and without question, you will find something you like here. We urge you to take a minute to check some of them out in the page below and in our galleries. We think it will be worth your time. 

So, welcome friends and family, collectors and gawkers, and everyone in between! We are thrilled that you found your way here, and we are certainly happy to have you. We hope you like what you see. 

Much Love.

Shang Chengxiang


Regan Russell


Indie Matharu

Mike Milota

Yasuyuka Ueda

97 Ghosts