A Glimpse of Reality

Hello Friends!

We are psyched to announce that Shang’s next print release will be a timed edition of his popular pencil drawing, A Glimpse of Reality! This drawing was one of Shang's favorite pieces of the year, and he is more than excited to get it in the hands of his friends and collectors! The artwork is truly hypnotizing and beckons the interpretation and attention of its viewers. 

Here are the important details:

- A Glimpse of Reality will be available for purchase from 12pm EST Thursday November 7th through 11:59pm EST on Tuesday November 12th
Signed, numbered, and embossed by Chengxiang Shang
Fine Art Giclee on 315 GSM 100% pure cotton lignin paper
Edition size determined by total prints purchased
Measures at 70x43cm (approx. 27.5x17in)
Cost is $215, plus shipping

Due to the nature of timed editions and the process that is required, the prints are not anticipated to ship until January of 2020. We appreciate your patience, and will get them in your hands as soon as possible!

You can check out Shang's other works in his gallery on our site, and we may even have a few of his originals available! If you see something you like, or hear about a piece of his that you need to check out, please reach out! We may be able to help, and we are always here to talk art.

Much Love

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Thomas Talley

Thomas Talley

Hi there, hope all is well. I have a question & this looks like the place to leave it. Ive gotten Shang’s 1st 2 Timed Edition Pieces,(Im no good at Artist Drops),& watched the “progress pictures” on the 3rd (A Glimpse of Reality) which is also my favourite to be honest with you. I was going to purchase 1 but We had a very serious family issue that took place. Im not going to tell the whole story but my Dad had to have a major heart surgery on Nov 5th, my wifes birthday. It was supposed to take 8hrs but ended up being 23hrs due to complications & we pretty much lived in UVA Hospital for weeks while the Drs kept having to do a different procedure after another, day after day. My phone only charged with a car charger & that is my only internet I have too. Needless to say I didn’t have my phone usage along with everything else on it so I ended up not making the T.E. in time. I see that Print and it brings up a lot of thoughts, I wasnt able to talk about this for awhile but as time passes Im getting a little better. So the only reason I wrote this is to see/ask if yall have a couple extra or an AP? I know Artists do hold on to a couple extra or a couple APs sometimes. If there is any chance that may be the case or if someone didn’t pay and it was left over,, I would be so grateful if somehow 1 of those scenarios or something else took place & hopefully I could finally obtain this Print.
Thank you for your time and be safe.

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