High 5 for a Timed Release!

Hello Friends!

We’re psyched to announce that Shang's newest print release will be Self Direction No. 5! We were fortunate enough to view it's day-to-day progress in Shang's Facebook art appreciation group (The Art of Chengxiang Shang), so if you haven't already, come check out the group and enjoy the process shots! We think you'll like what you see!

For the past 3 years Shang has created a single timed edition to commemorate his favorite or most technical masterpiece of the year. And this year, Self Direction No. 5 is that piece! Not only does the piece showcase Shang's signature explosive use of color, but it also highlights his technical mastery of reflection, shadow, and light. This painting is a triumph of skill, patience, and attention to detail, and Shang is so excited to get it to his friends and collectors that he’s already moving on the prints!

But that's not all! Shang has been experimenting with collectible pins as an artistic medium, and is ready to present his first effort. Furthermore, this pin will be a FREE GIFT to anyone who purchases the timed edition! We can't wait to see both of these pieces in our hands and on our walls!

Here's what you need to know:

Self Direction No. 5 will be released through Two Selves Gallery from 12pm EST Wednesday December 9th through 11:59pm EST on Friday December 11th at twoselvesgallery.com

  • Signed and numbered and embossed by Chengxiang Shang
  • 315 GSM 100% pure cotton lignin paper
  • Edition size determined by total prints purchased during the sale period
  • Measures at 55x78.5cm (~21.5x31in)
  • Cost is $235, plus shipping
  • Each print purchased will receive a free limited edition pin
  • Pins will ship separately 

Multiple purchases will be honored for this timed release. Due to the nature of timed editions and the process that is required, the prints and pins will not ship until January of 2021. We appreciate your patience, and will get them in your hands as soon as possible!

We are so stoked for you to see this print! It's one of the best yet!

Much love

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