Tré Taliaferro - School of Athens Release

Hey Friends!
We are really excited to introduce you to the newest artist in the Two Selves family, Tré Taliaferro! This charismatic artist is no stranger to the fine art scene and will fit in wonderfully with our other gallery artists.

Tré is a contemporary fine art artist who started painting out of his Powhatan, Virginia home back in 2013 with no formal training or mentorship. At only 18 years old, he almost immediately began generating buzz in the local art community and the fine art community at large. Before long, he was being hired for various commission pieces and found himself a happy accidental profession in painting. 

Known for his incredible eye for bold and radiant colors, Tré paints everything from portraits of historic and pop culture icons, to animals in their natural habitats, as well as reimagined artistic masterpieces. Tré cites pop art painters like Andy Warhol as an obvious and major influence, yet in the same breath credits renaissance artists like Michelangelo, and Raphael as inspirations for his works.

To honor this inspiration, Tré's first print release with Two Selves Gallery will be his reimagined interpretation of arguably Raphael's greatest masterpiece, School of Athens! Tré has been working on this piece tirelessly for the last two years, and is finally ready to show the world his creation. The color and attention to detail in this piece is striking, and we can't wait for your eyes to take it all in!

School of Athens will be released on Friday, October 11th at 12 noon EST

Main Edition Signed and numbered by Tré
315 GSM 100% pure cotton lignin paper
Edition size of 50
Fine Art Giclee 
Measures 18x26 inches

Black & White Variant Signed and numbered by Tré
315 GSM 100% pure cotton lignin paper
Edition size of 10
Fine Art Giclee 
Measures 18x26 inches

Again, Welcome Tré! We are lucky to have you as part of the Two Selves family.

Much Love. 




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