You are Cordially Invited to the Psychedelic Cerebral Party

The time has come Friends!

We have been patiently (read: impatiently) waiting for this day since paper cutting artist Mike Milota told us he had some special pieces for us and our amazing collectors! He even came with something for everyone, and we think you'll be stoked about the choices in front of you. Mike's first ever pieces to be released with Two Selves are Starflower and Psychedelic Cerebral Party (or PCP). 

Starflower will be released for the first time ever as a high quality laser reproduction! After years of blood, sweat, and tears in creation, these killer pieces accurately emulate the paper originals, and are comprised of 7 individual layers of laser-cut paper, cut with the exact lines as the original.

In fact, these reproductions turned out better than we could have imagined! The cuts are clean, the layers are thick, and the colors are sharp! Mike even cut a special layer so each piece comes with its own laser-cut certificate of authenticity!

Second only to buying a Mike Milota original piece, this is the absolute closest thing any collector will get to the look and feel of an original work, and is the way Mike's work is truly meant to be appreciated.

For those who appreciate the look of Mike's work, but aren't quite ready to purchase an original or reproduction yet, PCP will be released as a vibrant seven-layer screen print, with bold colors and thick inks to reproduce the layering effect of the originals! These pieces of Mike's work still retain the look and design of his originals, but come with a more modest price tag. In addition to the regular print edition, we will be releasing a small number of prints done on very limited rainbow and sparkle foil paper!

Regardless of whether you choose a reproduction or a print, both of these pieces offer great ways to begin collecting and appreciating Mike's Quantummola! 

Starflower and PCP go on sale today at 12 Noon EST! You can even use the button below to complete your sale! Here's what you need to know:

Psychedelic Cerebral Party

Fine art silkscreen print
Signed and numbered by Mike Milota
Main edition size of 50
Rainbow foil edition of 14
Sparkle foil edition of 4
Measures 9.5x12.5 inches
Cost is $45, plus shipping

Starflower Reproduction

Laser-cut paper reproduction with COA
Signed and numbered by Mike Milota
7 layers of Canson - Mi Tienes paper
Edition size of 25
Measures 17.75 x 22.14 inches
Cost is $195, plus shipping

We hope you are as excited for these incredible releases as we are! You can check out some of Mike's other work in his gallery, and we might even have a few of his originals available! Let us know if you want to talk more about Mike's work, or have thoughts on a commission piece you might enjoy. We are always here to talk art.

Much Love

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