Announcing the Moonchild Collaboration

Hello Friends!

We are so incredibly excited to announce a collaboration between a couple of our absolute favorite artists! Announcing Moonchild, a collaboration project between Chengxiang Shang and Ryo Ogawa (aka RoamCouch)! These two amazing artists have come together to meld their unique talents to create this beautiful piece for both fans of Shang and RoamCouch alike!

In the creation of the original piece, RoamCouch used 40 hand-carved stencils, and sprayed every layer of the house, foliage, and characters in the image by hand. Then Shang hand-painted the freeform clouds on RoamCouch’s rich black layer of spray paint to eye-popping results.

Shang and RoamCouch both loved the finished painting so much that they wanted the prints to appear as true to the original as possible. Accordingly, they decided to do a canvas only print release for Moonchild!

The high definition photography used to make the canvases captured all the nuances of the painting including all features and imperfections of the original itself. The end result is stunning. The prints look so much like the painting that once stretched, framed, and hanging on the wall, we think they will effectively look like mixed media paintings more than print reproductions.

In addition to the main edition, there will be an extremely limited number of hand-embellished canvas prints that will appeal to fans of Shang and RoamCouch collectors alike! We think you'll be blown away.

Here are the details you care about:

The Moonchild collaboration prints will be released through Two Selves Gallery ‪on Friday, September 4th at 12 Noon‬ EST at

  • Signed and numbered by Chengxiang Shang and RoamCouch
  • High definition giclee print on canvas
  • Image measures at 71x50cm (~28x20in)
  • Canvas including border measures 81x60cm (~32x24in)
  • Stretched canvas* will measure 71x50cm (~28x20in)

*prints will ship rolled

Moonchild Collaboration - Main Edition

  • Edition size of 85
  • Cost is $350, plus shipping

Moonchild Collaboration - Shang Hand-Embellished

  • Hand Embellished by Chengxiang Shang
  • Each Piece is unique
  • Edition size of 5
  • Cost is $550, plus shipping

Moonchild Collaboration - RoamCouch Hand-Embellished

  • Hand Embellished by Chengxiang Shang
  • Each Piece is unique
  • Edition size of 5
  • Cost is $550, plus shipping

Moonchild Collaboration - Duo Hand-Embellished

  • Hand Embellished by Chengxiang Shang and RoamCouch
  • Each Piece is unique
  • Edition size of 10
  • Cost is $750, plus shipping

One copy of the Moonchild collaboration print per household (orders for more than one print will be refunded). 

This one is sure to go fast, so be ready! Good luck Friends!

Much love



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Jack Sweeney

Jack Sweeney

I thought the release date was 9/4?

John Bakke

John Bakke

Hi, have these Moonchild collabs been released? Havent seen it for sale yet??

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