Welcome Mike!

Hello Friends!

We are super stoked to formally introduce you to our old and dear friend, Mike Milota!

Mike is a self-taught artist based in the small mountain town of Aspen, Colorado. Mike's self-penned style of "Quantummola" fuses Mike's visions and artistic concepts with an old Panamanian design technique called "mola." The practice of mola has its roots in body painting and traditional dress. It involves the combination of several layers of material, and the subsequent systematic deconstruction of those layers by cutting them away in varying depths and patterns.

Mike's Quantummola is inspired by this traditional art form, but takes shape in a paper medium rather than that of fabric or paint. Mike painstakingly carves layer after layer of paper by hand to create psychedelic and complex geometric designs, landscapes, and abstract images that have vibrant color as well as tangible depth. This laborious and time consuming practice often takes hundreds of hours to complete, but once finished, the breathtaking results speak for themselves. Mike's originals are truly incredible pieces of fine art that deserve to be seen and appreciated.

Mike's work has been shown in a variety of galleries throughout Colorado and its surrounding states, and many of his commissioned pieces can be found in the homes of the rich and famous. Mike was also recently featured in artist Alex Grey's CoSM Journal, and is quickly gaining recognition and appreciation in many art communities across the country. 

You can check out some of Mike's other work in his gallery, and we may even have a few of his originals available! Let us know if you want to talk more about Mike's work, or have thoughts on a commission piece you might enjoy. We are always here to talk art.

Again, Welcome Mike! We are lucky to have you.

Much Love. 

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